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Thank you for your Reviews

We would like to put out there a HUGE Thank All our Customers who review our Products..

Your Reviews, give valuable information to fellow customers, in deciding whether SILIKAN products are the right choice for them to heal their Scars.

A couple of Examples

1.I've been using tape on breast, surgery, scars, one section of which was not healing as well as the rest. It was raised bumpy and red, while the rest of my scars had faded to white and flattened,as expected.I’ve been applying this tape, every day for several months, and the problem scar has improved a lot.It is starting to flatten out and the red has faded to light pink. I think with a few more weeks of use, it’ll be white.I change the tape every few days, but it would stay on longer if I left it.It’s easy to trim to size and apply. It’s very comfortable.I have not had a skin reaction to it, and I have sensitive skin.I even leave it on when showering, no problem. Best scar solution I’ve found, and I’ve tried A LOT.I just wish I would’ve started using it right away when my wounds had closed.I bet it works best on new scars. Mine is almost 3 years old , but it is helping.Highly recommend.

2.I have a scar by my eyebrow had 12 stitches so you can imagine how horrific it looked. however

this product made the scar flatten and get significantly lighter. It stays on pretty well but i did

notice when i was outside doing some yard work when i was sweating it started to come off but i

wore it in the shower as well and it didn't. so maybe it was from the oils in my face. idk over all

good product for face.

With our warmest thanks for your continued helpfulness for our Product Customer Care feedback

Silikan Customer Care Team.


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