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Do I Need to Massage My Breast Scars?

Woman gently massaging her right breast

Do I Need to Massage My Breast Scars?

Navigating the healing process after breast surgery can be a road filled with uncertainty. One common question we encounter is, "Do I need to massage my breast scars?" The simple answer is yes. Massaging breast surgery scars can significantly aid in their healing and appearance, offering benefits that extend beyond mere aesthetics.

Understanding the Importance of Scar Massage

Massaging scar tissue plays a pivotal role in the healing process by helping to break down excess collagen. This action results in scars that are flatter and blend more seamlessly with the surrounding skin. Beyond improving flexibility and suppleness, massaging keeps the scar moist—a key factor in effective healing.

For those experiencing the itchiness that often accompanies scarring, regular massage can provide much-needed relief without aggravating the area.

When to Begin Scar Massage

Patience is crucial. Start massaging your scar only after it has sufficiently healed, typically around two weeks post-surgery, ensuring there are no stitches or scabs present. Initiating massage too early can hinder the healing process and might lead to complications.

The Art of Scar Massage

Employ gentle pressure using the tips of your fingers, moving in one of three directions:

Fingers showing where to place on a breast scar to massage correctly

To Use Cream, or Not?

While not mandatory, applying a lubricant such as a moisturiser can keep the scar flexible and moist, preventing excessive scabbing. Opt for creams low in perfume to avoid irritation, considering products like vitamin E cream, castor oil, Vaseline®, aloe vera, or onion extract for their healing properties.

Gentleness Is Key

The amount of pressure applied should never cause discomfort. With lubrication, press just until the scar area lightens in color. Massage gently for about 10 minutes, stopping if the scar becomes sensitive.

Frequency Matters

Limit massages to two or three times daily to avoid irritation. Continuous, gentle care is the goal here.

Knowing When to Pause

Continue your scar massage regimen for up to six months post-surgery. Be aware of your scar’s response—pause if you experience pain, increased redness, or if the scar feels warm and inflamed.

Introducing the Areola Silicone Scar Gel Circles

In your scar care toolkit, consider incorporating the Areola Silicone Scar Gel Circles. These medical-grade silicone sheets provide an optimal environment for healing, offering a non-invasive solution to support your skin's natural recovery process.

SILIKAN Circles Medical Grade Silicone Sheets for Post Breast Surgery Scarring Restore

Your Path to Healing

Remember, each step in your post-surgery care plan contributes to your ultimate recovery and well-being. By integrating regular scar massage and the protective benefits of the Areola Silicone Scar Gel Circles into your routine, you’re not just caring for your scars—you’re nurturing your body’s overall healing.

Taking control of your scar care doesn’t need to be daunting. With the right techniques and tools, you can actively participate in reducing the visibility of your breast surgery scars, paving the way for not just physical healing, but emotional and psychological recovery as well.

For those eager to empower themselves with knowledge and solutions that foster healing, the Areola Silicone Scar Gel Circles stand as a testament to innovation in post-surgical care.

With much love and wishes for a smooth healing journey
The SILIKAN Customer Care Team

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