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Make Your Silicone Tapes and Sheets Last

3 Tips to Follow for Proper Storage

Silicone tapes and sheets are among the most useful and multi-purpose medical products that we can own. However, how you store them can make a significant difference in their longevity and efficiency. Inadequate storage can result in the product's deterioration.

In this blog, we will learn about three suggestions to help you ensure that your silicone tapes and sheets are stored to maximize your best results from your SILIKAN products.

Store in a Clean and Dry Environment

Place silicone sheets & cut to size tape, onto baking paper or the original pouch, which will keep them clean and dry , ready for your next use or application.

Storing your silicone products in a drawer, or a clean airtight container. onto baking paper or the original pouch, will keep them clean and dry , ready for your next use or application.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

One of the most common mistakes that people make is to store their silicone tapes and sheets under direct sunlight or other sources of heat. Direct sunlight can cause discoloration, hardening, and other forms of damage to silicone products.

Keep Them Separated

Keeping them separate minimizes the risk of them attaching to each other or any foreign objects that may cause contamination. Avoid folding them as they can cause permanent creases in the silicone sheets.

Storing your silicone tapes and sheets correctly can help elongate their longevity and ensure that you use them safely and efficiently. These simple tips can make all the difference between getting the desired results and having to replace them frequently.

Wishing you a wonderful smooth healing journey.

The SILIKAN Customer Care Team

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