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Gel Scar Silicone Tape Medical grade Silicona Silikan Upsize

Gel Scar Silicone Tape Medical grade Silicona Silikan Upsize


Silikan Upsize Tape Medical Silicone Gel Tape for Scars


  • Heal Soften Cover Raised Red Scars- Optisil Technology allows the silicone gel tape to hug your skin tightly Allows scars to soften, flatten & reduce redness
  • Easy to reuse- gentle wash with mild soap, rinse with clean water, air or hair dryer
  • Ouchless Removal & repositioning of your Silicone Scar Tape. This silicone tape is (semi see thru) flesh color that blends into pale skin tones
  • Discreet scar cover  Now in clear colourless & natural fair skinned color to protect blend restore trauma & surgical scars in all skin tones. Silikan sheets & tapes do not provide UV protection
  • Founded by an RN- . Silikan Upsize comes with a useful microfiber storage bag & instruction sheet customers have told us, the tape is so comfortable, they do not know they are wearing it

Looking for a way to help soften and cover your raised, red scars? Look no further than Gel Scar Silicone Tape! This medical grade silicone tape is designed to hug your skin tightly, allowing scars to soften, flatten and reduce redness.


Made from Optisil Technology, this silicone gel tape is easy to reuse- just gentle wash with mild soap, rinse with clean water, air or gently pat dry. It can also be easily repositioned, making it a great choice for active people or those who just want to feel comfortable.


Available in flesh color to blend in with lighter skin tones or clear colorless for all skin tones, Gel Scar Silicone Tape is a discreet way to cover your scars. Plus, it comes with a handy microfiber storage bag and instruction sheet. So go ahead and take care of yourself with Gel Scar Silicone Tape!


Looking for a discreet way to restore your scars? Gel Scar Silicone Tape is here to help. This medical grade silicone tape is gentle and easy to use, and it can be customized to fit your size. It's also transparent, so it won't be noticeable against your skin. Plus, it can help soften and reduce the appearance of raised red scars.








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  • Silikan Upsize Silicone Medical Gel Sheeting

    Do You Need to heal, improve and flatten Old or New scars anywhere on your body or face?

    Looking to disguise, cover unsightly scar tissue, after recent surgery?


    Silikan Upsize gel scar tape is our clinically recommended scar treatment for

     accelerated scar tissue healing for post/pre treatment or recovery from any wound that has left scarring. Each roll of Silikan Upsize provides 120 inches (10 Feet) of our medical-grade silicone gel tape. Made from high-quality, hypoallergenic silicone and adhesive material this scar treatment tape’s extra length, plus its safe, restorative 100% silicone gel, can safely soften, flatten, fade, smooth & reduce scar growth & redness.


    Silikan Upsize silicone gel scar tape features a nearly translucent flesh like color, allowing the tape to easily blend into most skin types. The adhesive, on Silikan scar treatment tape, uses Optsil technology, binds to the skin/scar, permitting a moist

    Environment, which accelerates scar healing, providing a snug fit to your skin. This cosy fit often results in, being unaware of wearing the tape. Silikan Upsize Tape is pain free removal, every time, even adhered to areas with hair. Silikan Upsize’s depth at 0.015” ensures it tightly clings to your curves and creases.


    More reasons to choose Silikan?

    Silikan Upsize materials are water resistant, so the tape may be worn in the shower without  peeling off.


    Silikan Upsize 10-foot length, makes it easy to cut into any desired length.


    Silikan Upsize includes a microfiber storage bag to keep your tape clean, & your instructions for use.


    Our silicone scar management tape is ideal for those recovering from C-sections, tummy tucks, breast reductions, Ostomy & other surgical procedures.

  • Silikan Upsize Silicone Medical Gel Sheeting

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