Silikan Upsize Tape Medical Silicone Gel Tape for Scars

Silikan Upsize Tape Medical Silicone Gel Tape for Scars


Silikan Upsize Tape Medical Silicone Gel Tape for Scars


MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE TAPE-Silikan Upsize premium scar management tape provides you the best value (1.6 inches X 120 inches) thanks to the larger length of each roll. Safe, non-toxic, water-resistant, latex free medical silicone and adhesive materials.


CLINICALLY EFFICIENT SCAR REDUCTION Every Silikan silicone gel sheeting roll is clinically designed to provide effective support and protection to scars and wounds plus fast track softening, flattening, reducing redness of scar tissue.


COMFORTABLE & DISCREET-Silikan Upsize engineered to be comfortable, non-intrusive to wear and pain free to remove.

Soft gel silicone and translucent flesh-like color that easily blends into most skintones.


SIMPLE & LONG-LASTING APPLICATION-Silikan Upsize provides 10-feet of quality silicone medical tape per roll, easy to cut to desired length. Optisil Technology ensures a good bind to allow scar healing to occur.


SILIKAN GUARANTEE If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Silikan Upsize Medical Grade Gel Scar Tape, simply contact our friendly customer support experts any time & we’ll provide a replacement or a full refund.


Do You Need to heal, improve and flatten Old or New scars anywhere on your body or face?

Looking to disguise, cover unsightly scar tissue, after recent surgery?


 Silikan Upsize Silicone Medical Gel Sheeting is replacing Silikan 2 Tape


Silikan Upsize gel scar tape is our newest clinically recommended scar treatment for

 accelerated scar tissue healing for post/pre treatment or recovery from any wound that has left scarring. Each roll of Silikan Upsize provides 120 inches (10 Feet) of our medical-grade silicone gel tape. Made from high-quality, hypoallergenic silicone and adhesive material this scar treatment tape’s extra length, plus its safe, restorative 100% silicone gel, can safely soften, flatten, fade, smooth & reduce scar growth & redness.

Silikan Upsize silicone gel scar tape features a nearly translucent flesh like color, allowing the tape to easily blend into most skin types. The adhesive, on Silikan scar treatment tape, uses Optsil technology, binds to the skin/scar, permitting a moist

Environment, which accelerates scar healing, providing a snug fit to your skin. This cosy fit often results in, being unaware of wearing the tape. Silikan Upsize Tape is pain free removal, every time, even adhered to areas with hair. Silikan Upsize’s depth at 0.015” ensures it tightly clings to your curves and creases.


More reasons to choose Silikan?

Silikan Upsize materials are water resistant, so the tape may be worn in the shower without  peeling off.


Silikan Upsize 10-foot length, makes it easy to cut into any desired length.


Silikan Upsize includes a microfiber storage bag to keep your tape clean, & your instructions for use.


Our silicone scar management tape is ideal for those recovering from C-sections, tummy tucks, breast reductions, Ostomy & other surgical procedures.

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