Silikan Tape 2 Silicone Medical Grade Gel Scar Tape – Ten Foot Roll


  • MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE TAPE – Our Silikan 2 premium scar management tape provides you with the best value thanks to the extended length of each roll and it’s safe, non-toxic, water-resistant, and latex-free medical silicone and adhesive material.
  • CLINICALLY EFFCIENT SCAR REDUCTION – Each of our Silikan 2 silicone gel sheeting rolls are clinically designed and approved for providing effective support and protection to scars and wounds, helping to quickly soften, flatten, and reduce redness.
  • SIMPLE & LONG-LASTING APPLICATION – Silikan 2 provides 10-feet of our silicone medical tape per roll that can be easily cut to any length. Plus, it uses OptiSil technology that helps cleans the area while providing extended support and adhesion.
  • COMFORTABLE & DISCREET – We’ve engineered our Silikan 2 scar treatment tape to be comfortable, non-intrusive to wear, and pain free to remove. This is due to its soft gel silicone and translucent flesh-like color that can be easily blended into skin.
  • SILIKAN GUARANTEE – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your Silikan 2 Silicone Medical Grade Gel Scar Tape, simply contact our friendly customer support experts at any time and we’ll provide either a new replacement or full refund.



Get the quick, efficient, and clinical-grade scar treatment you deserve with our extra-long Silikan 2 Silicone Medical Grade Gel Scar Tape Roll, today!


    Our silicone medical grade gel scar tape is an effective and clinically recommended solution for promoting the accelerated healing of scar tissue, whether post or pre-surgery, across your entire body. Silikan Tape 2 has been made using only the highest-quality, medical-grade, and hypoallergenic silicone materials. This makes our silicone gel tape a safe healing solution for those with allergies or sensitive skin, helping to safely reduce scar growth and redness, as well as soften, flatten, fade, and smooth your scars until fully healed.



    Water-Resistant & Pain Free Adhesive

    Silikan Tape 2 has been made using OptiSil technology which allows our silicone gel sheeting to effortlessly, effectively, and snuggly bind to your skin without any pain or discomfort. This OptiSil technology also makes our silicone tape water-resistant, helping it to maintain its stay in more sweat prone areas during extensive usage and even during showers, eliminating the need to take it off and reapply when bathing*.


    We’ve also designed this silicone medical tape to be completely pain free when removing it, even if it’s adhered to areas of skin with hair follicles.


    All Silikan Products are money back guaranteed.

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