Silikan Clear Gel Silicone Scar Tape

Silikan Clear Gel Silicone Scar Tape

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CREATED TO HEAL, PROTECT & COVER SCARS Our silicone gel sheeting has been clinically designed to provide cover & protect sensitive scars & healed wounds. The high-end materials ensure a snug fit to your skin, this allows scars to soften, flatten, & quickly reduce scar redness.


SOFT INVISIBLE SILICONE MEDICAL GRADE TAPE Silikan Clear is a premium-quality scar management tape, crafted using safe, non-toxic, latex-free medical grade silicone and adhesive. This gel scar tape’s adhesive is safe to shower in.


EASY TO APPLY-OPTISIL TECHNOLOGY causes the silicone gel tape to hug your skin tightly, while allowing Painless Removal, Cleverly creating an environment between silicone tape and skin, that fast tracks scar recovery.


DISCREET SCAR REPAIR-Our Silikan Clear tape is transparent ( see thru) Invisible color that blends into All skin tones.Our customers have told us , the tape is so comfortable, they do not know they are wearing it!


SATISFACTION GUARANTEED-The manufacturers of this product are constantly improving Silikan Products. Silikan Clear comes with a refund/replacement guarantee, as well as a useful microfiber storage bag, and instruction sheet.


Silikan Clear Medical Silicone Gel Tape for Scars, (Our Newest Product) 

Recovering from a recent surgery or wound that’s left scarring and need medical-grade scar treatment tape to help safely heal your scars while providing protection of the sensitive area?


Looking for a silicone medical tape that is comfortable to wear and almost invisible?

Silikan Clear- Silicone Medical Gel Sheeting


★Our silicone medical grade gel scar tape is an effective and clinically recommended solution for promoting the accelerated healing of scar tissue, whether post or pre-surgery, across your entire body. Having been made using only the highest-quality, materials, hypoallergenic silicone & adhesive material, this silicone gel tape will safely fast track your Scar healing.


Designed to soften, flatten, fade, and smooth scars until fully healed.

 This silicone gel scar tape, is transparent & colorless so that it can blend easily into any skin type.


The soft silicone material and OptiSil technology of this scar tape allows it to bind snuggly to your skin without being intrusive, so it can be worn all day and night without discomfort. Optisil technology also helps accelerate the healing of your scars while protecting your sensitive scars from clothing rubbing. Plus, our silicone tape will be removed completely pain free every time.


Silikan Clear’s Tape’s depth at 0.0146” ensures it tightly binds to your curves and creases.

Need more reasons to choose us?

The materials for our medical gel sheeting are made to be water-resistant , so it can be worn in the shower, but is recommended you remove your tape while showering and then reapply.


The box includes a handy microfiber storage bag, along with a 5 feet roll of our silicone gel sheeting that can be easily cut into any desired length.

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