Silikan Areola Circles

Silikan Areola Circles


Silikan Areola Gel Circles – Four Pack

Are you recovering from breast surgery and need a clinical grade scar management circle pad to help the scars heal faster and stay protected? Wishing for  High-quality breast silicone gel circles that stick properly and easily fall off?

Looking for a scar treatment sheet that looks discreet and can be worn comfortably with a bra?

If so, then we’ve got the ultimate solution for you!


This four pack of our Silikan Scar Management Circles -each one comes individually wrapped in order to keep them sterilized, clean and prevent contamination before use. With their intelligent round “donut” shape having a hole in the center, they’re able to fit all sizes of areola and contour perfectly to the shape of your breasts, keeping your scars completely covered. Plus, these breast scar management sheets are made with the same hospital grade materials and are manufactured under the same strict medical grade conditions in order to ensure safe and reliable treatment and recovery.


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