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Silicone Clear Gel Circles 4 + Clear Silicone XL Gel Scar Roll-Breast Scarring R

Silicone Clear Gel Circles 4 + Clear Silicone XL Gel Scar Roll-Breast Scarring R

SKU: Clear Circles + Clear XL Silicone Tape

Optisil Silicone Technology: The Silicone Areola Clear Scar Gel Circles (2 pair) and Extra Long Tape (1.6X120X0.015 inches) use medical grade silicon to effectively reduce the appearance of scars, including those from All Breast surgeries including old Keloid Bump scar restoring to smooth even scar surface, over about 6months.

No Messy Creams- your silicone scar sheets promote smooth, evenly toned skin by maintaining moisture, regulating collagen, & stopping Breast Surgical Scar itch discomfort. Avoid Keloid & Hypertrophic Scarring.

Silicone is an effective method for reducing the appearance of stubborn scars from surgical, injury and burns. It provides a lighter, breathable layer, prevents the scar from further irritation, moisturizing/minimizing Scars texture with even-toned results.

Easy to use/hygienic and effective silicone technology/advanced scar recovery & relief solution, the perfect must-have for Mastectomy recovery. Reusable & noninvasive, silicone scar sheets/tapes /extra long tapes are highly recommended for breast Surgery Scars even keloid scar tissue bumps.

Reusable & Easy to Use: Simply apply the circles & tape directly to the affected area , following the instructions, for a comfortable and discreet fit. (Can be trimmed if required) Please allow 1/4" to protrude off the edge of the scar. These silicone sheets and tape are reusable and easy to apply.

Painless Scar Therapy Silicon Gel Tape Plus Silicone Gel Sheets /An all-in-one scar Breast Scarring rescue Pack that helps you reduce the appearance of scars post Breast Surgery /Painless: Unlike traditional tape that can tear skin when removed, your round circles/pads peel off without a trace. A Useful Scar Tissue Therapy for Breast Augmentation , Masectomy , Lift , Repair Aropexy, Lift, Reconstruction.


  • Bundle Description & Which to use.

    Kit includes 1 Box of Areola Clear Gel Circles (4 donut shaped sheets) plus 1 box of 1.6” X 120” X 0.015” Silicone Clear Gel Tape Roll. Intended to be used together, for All shades of Skin. 1.Apply Gel Circles onto the Scar area around the edge of the Areola (dark area around the nipple) 2.Apply Silcone tape onto the vertical scar below the areola area & or Scar in the bottom breast crease of the breast. All tape and sheets should be custom cut to fit all shapes and breast sizes Ideal for: .Vertical Breast Lift The Two incisions for this surgery are: one circular incision around the outside edge of the areola and another vertical incision made from the bottom of the areola down to the natural breast crease. The shape of the incisions resemble a lollipop, hence the nickname “lollipop lift.” Suggested for Vertical or Lollipop lift- Silikan Clear Circles only , unless the vertical scar is longer than 1.1" or 3cm, then you will also need another Silikan tape, such Clear Silicone Tape to apply on the vertical scar area. .Anchor Breast Lift With incisions placed in the shape of an anchor, This is also known as the “inverted T” lift, this technique requires three incisions: One circling the outer edge of the areola. One vertically running vertically from the bottom of the areola to the crease under the breast.. One made horizontally along the natural breast crease. Suggested For AnchorBreast Lift(ABL or IT)- Silikan Clear Circles, , plus either one of Clear Tape or Clear Silicone Gel Scar Tape Extra Long. Precautions 1.Tape and sheets should not be used on open wounds 2.Discontinue use, if redness or irritation occurs or if allergic to silicone.

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