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Silicone Scar Tape for Surgical Scars Medical Grade Silicone Scar Sheets

Silicon Gel Medical Grade Scar Tape Strips-Para Cicatrices Soft Silikan Silicone


Silicon Gel Medical Grade Scar Tape Strips 1.6 x 60 inch Roll



Get Back to feeling like yourself- Hide your scars and feel more confident with our soft, medical grade silicone gel tape. Made with Optisil technology, this transparent tape hugs your skin to help soften, flatten and reduce redness. Plus, it's economic and can be reusable!



Easy to use for everyone - Apply directly to the scar and smooth out for a comfortable fit. Tape is translucent and blends in with most pale skin tones.


Soften & restore - Hard to reach areas? This silicone gel medical tape is perfect for those difficult-to-tape areas. The Optisil Technology ensures that the tape hugs your skin closely, flattening and softening raised scars.

Flatten & reduce redness- Let's face it: unsightly scars can be embarrassing. The Silicon Gel Medical Grade Tape helps to reduce the appearance of redness, giving you confidence in your appearance. Optisil Technology ensures a close fit, the tape works to flatten and soften scars quickly and easily.


Recovering from a surgery or wound that left scarring? Give Silikan Silicon Medical-Grade Scar Treatment Tape a try for the optimal healing experience! Our hypoallergenic and comfortable tape is clinically recommended to help your scars heal faster. Its silicone gel material ensures maximum protection of sensitive areas while flattening, softening, fading and smoothing them until they are fully healed. Enjoy quick results with this top quality medical grade product!

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