Silikan Silicone Clear Gel Scar Sheets-4 Medical Breast Silicon Circles

Silikan Silicone Clear Gel Scar Sheets-4 Medical Breast Silicon Circles


MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE GEL – Our breast scar management sheets have been crafted using high-end medical-grade silicone and adhesive. These were chosen thanks to their no skin reaction and water-resistant properties, ensuring they’re safe for most to use.


ROUND DESIGN SHAPED FOR AREOLAS– Each of these silicone gel circles measure 3-inches in diameter and are designed with a small hole in the center, making them perfect for using on scars on the center of your breasts around the areola.


BEST SCAR HEALING RESULTS – These breast scar treatment sheets have been clinically designed to help reduce, flatten, fade, and smooth scars made from surgeries such as breast enlargement, breast reduction, areopexy, mastopexy, and others.


COMFORTABLE & DISCREET DESIGN – Our Clear areola circles are see thru, perfect on any skin type or color, are only 0.05-inches thick, and feel nearly unnoticeable after a few moments, making them incredibly discreet and comfortable when worn with or without a bra.


EASY TO USE – This pack includes 4 individually packaged silicone scar sheets with a removable film over the adhesive, ensuring it doesn’t dry before use. These can also be easily cut to your necessary shape and size and easily applied in seconds.



Silikan Clear Gel Areola Sheets – 4 Pack


Have you just undergone breast surgery and have scarring that requires medical grade scar management circles to help provide safe, accelerated healing? Need a breast scar treatment sheet that you can wear comfortably and confidently?


Presenting         Silikan’s Breast Scar Treatment Sheets

Our scar management circles are an effective and clinically recommended way to help accelerate the healing process of post-surgery scars on your breasts and areola while also protecting sensitive scars safely from rubbing on underwear or clothing. The areola circles are able to achieve this thanks to medical-grade, latex free silicone gel material that creates a moist environment around the areola or breast scarring, which in turn heals the scars by flattening, softening, reducing, fading, and smoothing them.


Each silicone scar sheet in this pack features a clear see thru Colorless Gel Silicone and only 0.05-inches thick, allowing you to wear them comfortably and discreetly with any style of bra or even without one. These breast silicone gel circles are also designed using OptiSil technology which allows them to bind tightly to clean skin easily, without causing any pain or further scar tissue damage when being removed. The adhesive for our scar management circles also won’t flake or peel off from sweat, but these should be removed before showering.


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Each scar management sheet features a convenient donut design with a hole in the center for your areola and nipple, allowing for precise placement and contouring to your breasts’ shape. These breast scar treatment circles can be trimmed and cut to the size that’s just right for you. Great for those recovering from breast augmentation surgery, areola scar treatment, mastopexy, areopexy, plastic or cosmetic breast surgery, and more.

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