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Wig Wearers?

Hi All

Let talk about wigs....

Many people chose to wear wigs, for fashion, necessity or just for fun!

And truly, sometimes, we cannot tell if someone is wearing one or not.

Customers of Silikan silicone tapes, have come up with many varieties of uses for our products,

That we at SILIKAN , had no knowledge of!

Wig wearing women, have left these informative reviews just like below:


Reviewed in the United States

I did not purchase this for it's intended use. It was used to create a scalp and hide the grids on wigs. Which it does perfectly. It's thin and the adhesive is sticks really good to the lace.


Reviewed in the United States

I purchased for an unprecedented use to protect my skin from a harsh hairline from my wig. Works fantastic!


Reviewed in the United States

very soft tape, sticks well, I use this to cover the lace fronts on my wigs so they do not itch.

So thank you SILIKAN customers for your feedback and truly amazing versatile silicone tape Uses.

Warmest thoughts for a wonderful funfilled Halloween celebration this October.


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