• Lisa Raimondo

Whoa How did I get here?

Updated: Apr 1


My deepest thanks for stopping by and checking this, my very first Blog out!!

If you are checking out this site, you must have some extra life challenges going on in your world!

Just as I suspect you never thought you would be searching for answers to your current health and body problems.

Life tends to throw us all curve balls, just when we are not looking!

At this time, I intend to fill my blogs with advice, and tips for use, on our current Silikan range

of products, plus answer any common questions that filter through this website, that others may

find helpful.

I hope you like Winnie the Pooh Wisdom …I just love the value behind the words, and the positive

influence it can have on my day(thank you heaps A.A.Milnexx)

Sending a hug to you !

Whoever you are and where ever you are



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