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Hoping your family holiday time was magic and filled with sunshine and fun!

Mine was definitely filled with sunshine, as it is Summer in Australia..

Keeping the sun off our skin, especially in the middle of the day, is a must for All Aussie Families..

Sadly SILIKAN Scar Tapes and Sheets, both clear and Natural colored..

Contain NO protection from the suns UV rays, and have no SPF(sun protection factor or rating)

So we recommend covering your Scars and and SILIKAN tapes & sheets on your skin with

clothing rated SPF 50+ , or removing the tape or sheets and applying good sunblock to include any exposed scars.

Your scar will be more susceptible to sun damage than undamaged skin. Hence it is important to wear sun protection on the scar.

If you don't use sunscreen, the scar tissue will become darker than surrounding skin.

Hope this helps your journey!

With my warmest thoughts


Silikan Customer Care

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