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Are your Sundays Family Days or work days?

Once upon a time , my Sundays were the only catch-up with family days , working shifts.

Now days, I try if the weather is good to schedule in a bike ride, like the above late afternoon

pic of Burleigh Heads parkfront.

It is a good time to clear my head and enjoy the wonderful places the Gold Coast here in Queensland has to offer.

Yippeee! all the Silikan products that you will find on the website, are now available and in stock

on and = more available for everyone.

So I am really happy with my teams awesome effort in making this happen!

On my list is importing these quality products to Australia, once the Therapeutic Goods application is approved!

I was reading the other day, the statistics in the US compared to Australia regarding Breast cancer rates.

shockingly 1 in 8 US women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime!

Even more shockingly 1 in 7 Aus women will also develop breast cancer!

These statistics are why so many of us, either have friends, colleagues, family or ourselves are one of these women!

Big Reminder= Check your Boobs monthly and take the offered free mammogram!

With much love and healing wishes to All.

As always Pooh says it Best!


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