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Smiles are Contagious!


Sometimes a smile is the best medicine, for whatever ails us...

So Im sharing some Aussie Humor , the recently made me smile..Australians are famous for coming up with some peculiar meanings for every day words..

I hope you enjoy these! Ive tried to find the equivalent USA (food or store)!

Humorous Nicknames for Workmates in Australia..

WICKET KEEPER- puts on gloves & stands back

SENSOR LIGHT- only works if someone walks passed

NOODLES (USA -Mikes Mighty Good)-thinks all jobs take two minutes

HARVEY NORMAN (USA -Wayfair)-3 years No interest

BLISTER-appears when the hard work is done

SHOWBAG (USA Disneyworld gift bag)- full of shit(rubbish)

LANTERN- Not very bright & has to be carried

DECKCHAIR-Always folds under pressure

PERTH (Western Aus City)-3 hours behind everyone else

G-SPOT-You can never find him

BUSHRANGER-holds everyone up

WHEELBARROW-only works when he is pushed

LIMO(Jeep Hummer)-carries about 8 people

Wishing you all a bunch of smiles in your today.


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