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SILIKAN -Instructions

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Hello, from sunny Queensland Australia!

Did you know SILIKAN has 8 product options available in Amazon USA & 4 product options available in

I have had customer enquiries regarding the how to use SILIKAN products..

So here they are below:

Silicone Gel Tape Instructions for use

Silikan silicone Gel Tape Description

Silikan silicone gel tape, is composed of 100% silicone gel, a non-woven and PU film backing, and includes a transparent protective backing sheet (removed at tape use).

Silicone tape is packaged into a tape roll of 1.6” X 60 “ or 1.6” X 120” in length.

Silicone tape is designed to fix medical devices, tubes, probes, electrodes, and gently protect and manage sensitive skin.

Silicone tape is latex free and non toxic.

Silikan silicone Gel Tape Indications

Silicone tape is For External use only.

Silicone gel tape is not for use directly on open wounds, but may be used to hold dressings in place.

Silikan silicone Gel Tape Use Instructions

1.Wash, rinse and dry carefully, the area where tape is to be applied.

2.Cut off desired tape length.

3.Remove clear backing layer.

5.Apply the sticky side to the skin.

6.Note if skin area to be used, is in a fold of skin,

or area of flex/bend. Eg: Knee/elbow

Please then apply a strong tape over the silicone tape to ensure good adhesion .

7. Please store the unused portion of your tape in the bag provided, in a dry place

How long do I wear my Silikan Gel Tape?

Ideally 24 hours a day , will give the best results.

If this is not possible for you. A minimum of 12 hours wearing the Gel Tape is recommended.

Silikan silicone Gel Tape Warnings, Precautions, Adverse Reactions

Possible complications include, Rash, Skin discoloration, Pruritus, Superficial maceration of the skin.

Should these complications occur reduce time of tape use.

If symptoms persist, cease use, and seek medical advice.

Do Not apply tape over ointments or lotions.

Do not use if allergic to silicone.

Sweating during physical activity, May decrease the adhesion of the tape.

Some users of Silicone gel tape have experienced some differences in tape adhesion(stickiness) between

Batch lots. Please notify Silikan Customer Support via Amazon, or the website.

Silikan silicone Gel Tape Storage and disposal

1.Store at room temperature & protect from sunshine.

2.Dispose in accordance with local environmental guidelines.

Expiry Date: 5 years from manufacturing date.(on the side of the box)

Distributed by Odnomiar Pty Ltd Australia

Elanora 4221


Wishing you all much sunshine to warm you in your day!


Silikan Customer Care

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