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SILIKAN Circles Hints n Tips


Silikan Scar Areola Circles Hot Tips for use...

Check em out below, and let me know if it works for your experience tooo..

Silikan Circles are 0.04" thin, which ensures they are invisible beneath underwear, and running bra's. Care is recommended while removing before showering and washing the area.Customers have told us baking paper is perfect to place their circles on afer gently washing in mild liquid soap, rinsing with clean water and allowing to dry.

“Just had a breast reduction last month and feared the scars .. I found these areola scar treatments as a god save .. since I just apply them and wear all day and night ! They are washable .”

Silikan Circles will work on old scars. The older scars often take longer, often over 6months to soften, smooth and flatten scars.The advice is to take before and monthly photographs to compare the improvement.

Silikan also recommends wearing the Silikan Circle Gel sheets for at least 12 hours every day (Ideally 24hours) to encourage more rapid improvement.

Before applying any SILIKAN silicone product...

We recommend to Wash the scar area carefully with mild soap, rinse to remove all oils and lotions before applying the tape/sheet on to your scar area. We have a rare customer who tells of a rash or reaction to the tapes/sheets.

If this occurs please remove and discontinue your tape use, & return your tape for a full refund.

I hope this is valuable tips to get the best use from your SILIKAN products, and your best Scar healing results!

With love


SILIKAN Customer Care

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