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Roger Bannister Moments

What is a Roger Bannister moment? , I hear you ask....Its when you discover a common belief

is totally incorrect...just like our parents, told us ...Don't sit on cold Cement or you will get piles(haemorrhoids)! I've recently been listening to an Audio book 'Limitless' read and written by Jim Kwik (the boy whose brain was broken)

Jim as a child in his kindergarten class, sustained a terrible head/brain injury, which resulted in having learning difficulties, being told repeatedly by teachers, he had learning he believed he couldnt learn! This book is an inspiring, and educational book , teaching everyone who takes the time to read it, to learn and how remember(skills which are actually not taught in many schools).

My memorable Roger Bannister moment, was in 2013 when I finally dragged myself to a Toastmaster's meeting.Those people who were speaking at the meeting, showed me , it is so possible , for ordinary people like me, to conquer my deep set fear of public speaking!

I still go to Toastmasters, I love the challenge, and I delight in witnessing other members, improve and soar to new confidence with their speaking abilities.

Do you have any Roger Bannister moments in your life?

Im sure Winnie the Pooh loves Public speaking..he also has much to contribute!

With much love and wishes for your life to be amazing.

Lisa Raimondo

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