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Riding out the experience


The above photo is of me and my partner Dennis on a beautiful cycling trip in South Island New Zealand, The' Alps to Ocean', in early February 2020.

We did this trip just before the CV pandemic hit us here in Australia, and I felt so grateful, to have been able to see this amazingly scenic area. I guess you can tell from the photos with bike helmets on, what I love doing!

I have been using the Silikan Tape on a scar on my outer left calf on a BCC which I had removed in early January, however it rolls off in bed at night(I have only been cutting it to a 1" X 1.5" size to cover the scar only) and started to successfully tape it over with another stickier tape to hold in place.

I have decided to test drive a longer piece of Silikan Tape, and am currently I have a 5 " strip on the outside of my right calf, which I wash with soap and water and reapply every two days..

So far it has survived 5 days of yoga, bike rides, sweating, meditation (with crossed legs)

and 5 nights of wearing to bed...I 'll let you know how long it survives!

Im working one the principle, that a larger strip stays on longer and better , even over a small scar , in an area of flex and movement.

We live in Queensland on the Gold Coast, and currently I am still able to go for some glorious bike rides along the sea front, enjoying our stunning sunny Autumn weather (around 26-28 degrees Celcius daytime temps).

I hope this finds you all keeping your balance in this precarious times we are living through!

With much love Lisa

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