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RE-Uses For Silikan Bags!!

Hello All

Silikan products have been slowly including a microfiber storage bag in All products for your silicone tapes and sheets.

What to do with the blue storage bag once you no longer need it for storing your tape..????

Silikan storage bags are made from exactly the same microfiber for sunglasses pouches...

here is a short list of purposes personally I have found...

Travel bag for the google mini!! see above

Keys lost in your bag!! Pop them into a Silikan storage bag=easy to find.

Smudgy glasses? Clean them with your microfiber Silikan Bag!

Or your Sunglasses & phone screens!

Business Cards or Credit Cards pack em into your Silikan bag!

Perfect for travel storage of your jewellery or rings!

Handy for your apple earbuds!

Wishing you all much fun finding other uses for your SSB's

Please flick me an email at with any awesome uses you may have discovered..


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