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NarrowBoating UK

Hello from the Shropshire & The Llangollen Canal!

Dennis and I have been adventuring along the waterways, old locks, tight very old bridges, in this 6’ wide 45’ long diesel powered vessel, that is as easy to steer as a soggy loaf of bread in a hot bath!

Much fun has been had missing our oncoming fellow canalboaters in the very narrow waterways.. shallow waters and thick weeds, positioned exactly right to catch the distracted skipper at the tiller( steering device)!

If Tho you

get the chance, it’s a lovely leisurely way to to view the gorgeous UK & Welsh countryside..stopping at the old canal side pubs..chatting with fellow water travellers at the locks..

Truly a relaxing and physical holiday

Wishing you all a relaxing end to August!


Silikan Customer Care currently on the canal!

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