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Looking Good, Feeling Good: Managing Postoperative Breast Scars

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

In today’s world, breast cancer is a common diagnosis amongst women of all ages, & surgery to treat it often leaves behind postoperative breast scars. Though these physical changes can be difficult to accept, there are ways to manage such scarring in order to regain confidence in one’s body image. In this blog post, we will discuss what postoperative breast scars are, the healing process of these scars, and tips for managing them.

What Are Postoperative Breast Scars?

Postoperative breast scars are a common consequence of surgery to treat breast cancer. They can range in size and shape depending on the type of procedure performed, but typically occur around the nipples, along the breast creases, or underarms. These scars may also appear raised or depressed from the surrounding skin

Understanding the Healing Process

The healing process for postoperative breast scars is typically gradual and may take several months. Swelling and redness should begin to subside within a few weeks, but it is important to understand that the scar will not completely disappear. Over time, the scar may become less visible and blend in with surrounding skin

Tips for Managing Postoperative Breast Scarring

Though postoperative breast scarring may seem like an overwhelming part of recovery, there are steps that can be taken to improve their appearance. Here are some tips for managing postoperative breast scarring:

• Keep the area clean and covered with a bandage when needed, as this will prevent infection and speed up the healing process.

• Use a silicone scar treatment product such as Silikan Silicone Scar Tapes & Sheets to reduce the appearance of the scar and help the skin heal faster.

• After 12 mths Consider using laser treatments or dermabrasion to reduce visibility of the scar.

• Apply sunscreen regularly if exposed to the sun, as this will help prevent discoloration of the scar.

• Speak to a therapist or support group if feeling overwhelmed by the physical changes caused by postoperative breast scarring.

Postoperative breast scars can be difficult to accept, but with a little patience and understanding of the healing process, it is possible to manage them in order to regain confidence and reclaim your body image. By using silicone treatment products, keeping the scar clean and covered, and considering other treatments such as laser or dermabrasion, you can help reduce the appearance of postoperative breast scarring. If feeling overwhelmed by these physical changes, speak to a therapist or support group for additional help and understanding. With patience and proper care, postoperative breast scars can eventually fade into very subtle reminders of your journey.

wishing you the best in your healing process.


The Silikan Team.

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