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Invisible Tape is Here

Silikan Clear our 4th product is now available on and arriving soon into

This Amazing new Scar tape, has been developed recently by our manufacturers.

Adhesive is 'stickier' the tape is almost Invisible on any skin tone or shade!!

It has the same 100% Gel Scar Optisil technology that makes silicone tapes so popular with those with sensitive scars needing softening, flattening, and reducing the redness.

I have personally trialled the tape on my outer left calf, from a BCC removal Scar.

I loved that I only needed to replace it 7-10days, depending on my activity levels.

this tape 'stayed put' through my level 2 yoga classes, vigorous cycling journeys, tennis and wearing to bed...Plus it was almost unseen on my skin.

I loved it! , I soo hope you do too!

With my warmest wishes for an Amazing Christmas Celebrations/Holiday time for all.

Lisa Raimondo

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