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Happy Holidays!

I am just off the phone from a friend of mine Caroline, who lives in Tasmania, Australia

We have been friends for over 53!

Holidays and this festive season, along with the catch-up in person we had planned for June 2020

has been postponed to Feb 2021...all being still ok to travel, interstate, at that time!

Here in Queensland, we have been truly 'blessed' is the only word for the small amount of C virus

we as a state have had to deal with.

Has holidays taken you also back to reminiscing, relaxing and phone catch up with old friends?

How is your world looking for the next year?

Unpredictable or waiting and seeing , how things are in the NOW, have become re-occurring themes in our new evolving world.

Whether you are celebrating the holiday or the upcoming New Year

I wish you the best positive outcome for your planned experiences and holiday/family time!

Many Aussies have traditionally gone camping, at this time, to enjoy the awesome summer

weather and beach style living. Warmest thoughts Lisa

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