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Happy Happy Sunday

Hi All

Are you are experiencing craziness in your corner of the world?

Wow we all seems to be on a rollercoaster ride still...

I send you all the biggest hugs to help you get through your personal journey's

Silikan has rolled out 4 products, with a 5th bulk product in the slow pipeline from creation to storefront.

Currently we are selling Silikan Tapes on , and 1 sale on this website, soon to commence selling in!

I feel blessed to be helping so many people heal their scars!

I can only thank the positive feedback I have received regarding our products

sometimes for uses I had never thought of!!

like this review.

Wig lacefront protection By xxxxxx on Feb 02, 2021 I purchased for an unprecedented use to protect my skin from a harsh hairline from my wig.

Works fantastic!

‘I actually use these for wearing wings in the hairline so that way you dont have bleach the knots.. A quick easy trick works great’

A couple of Totally different uses!

With my Warmest Thoughts

Lisa Raimondo

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