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Freaky Fridays

How is your Friday going?

When Friday comes around...are you looking to the weekend to relax and chill, or

catch-up on the jobs from the week? As a woman strangely it seems to always include house chores and filling up the cupboards and the fridge!

Guess you noticed,I really like these computer created jelly kittens..reminds me of that song 'Shaking all over' !

GIFs have become one of my new techy addictions...I just love that you can find them and add them on FB or to messages and emails! I particularly looove the cat/kittens ones..!

What do you think of a woman's weekend , compared to a man's weekend? do you think the differences are big or small? and really does it matter to the most important person, in any family.....YOU?

I'd like to remind you all to take this weekend to give yourself a little love and pampering!

Do something really nice for a book, sleep, go for a bike ride(my personal fav), sit and watch a sunset or sunrise.

AND always remind yourself, that to give your all ...First you need to nuture and pamper yourself!

With my warmest hugs and much love


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