• Lisa Raimondo

Fitbit Focused?

Hi There Fellow Souls

Today , It is raining in Elanora, Gold Coast Queensland..

Loving what the rain brings:

Green gardens & water for everyone to use!

My fitbit...is starting to rule my day!

Does this happen for you??

Just getting into the 'work flow' mode

Vibrate goes my fitbit... another 132 steps to win the hour= dutifully I scoot off around the house

until my fitbit is 'Happy'

Then I need to refocus my Focus!

Silikan has a prescence on Amazon.com & eBay.com

In the near future, this website, will link..to allow a greater amount of people to improve their healing journeys at home, by purchasing on this platform..

I wish you all much love and healing energy in your world , where ever that may be!


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