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Does Silikan Tapes provide protection from the Sun?

Hi the picture above is one of three dolphins playing !I managed to grab a photo of in the Tweed River Today! It was a true delight to see them on our bike ride along side the River!

We had a great question the other day "Does Silikan Tape provide skin protection from the sun"?

Scar tissue contains no melatonin(natural protection from the sun), so your freshly healed wounds and scars are at high risk of sunburn and need sun protection, when out doors.

Silikan Tape will not protect your scar from the sun.

Silikan Tape is semi see thru, it is designed to create a perfect environment t]for your scar to fast track healing, and blend into your skin.

Please cover up your new scar areas, or apply sunblock over the top of the tape.

With my warmest thoughts for many safe days in the Sunshine!


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