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Covid Chocolate Cake


A new name for an old favourite!...

Covid virus, has been slow to arrive in Queensland, Australia..

Last Thursday it arrived snuggly into my body confirmed by the new RAT(Rapid Antigen Test )

kit , I had recently purchased at our local chemist. Sending me to rush & cancel Aidan(my son) and I , flights that day down to Tasmania, for a long awaited family reunion.

So here we sit ..I am luckily on day 4 and feeling like my very nasty head cold, cough, runny nose plus headache is on the decline.

Aidan and my partner Dennis(who were both negative last Thursday) are waiting to see

whether living with me is virally contagious!!

A wise lady Sarah Ban Breathnach once said

"Remember what life throws at us , we can always bake a cake"

Weirdly enough that's what I chose to do this afternoon, refreshing skills I hadnt used since my kids were all at home and needed constant refuelling!

It has been rejected by my fellow house dwellers...

Hence "Covid Chocolate Cake"

With my most warmest thoughts for a splash of humour in your day...

whatever the world is throwing your way today!


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