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Breast Reconstruction surgery?

The decision for breast reconstruction surgery or not is a personal choice.

The surgical definitions are often confusing , at a time of huge stress.

Hoping the following helps translate:

Soft Tissue Flap Breast Reconstruction Surgery uses a woman’s own tissue, including skin, fat and occasionally muscle, to reconstruct the breast.

these can be divided into TRAM & DIEP

1.TRAM Flap (Abdominal Muscle) Breast Reconstruction involves transferring tissue from the area below the belly button with the downside being that it requires sacrificing some abdominal muscle which can affect function in the abdominal region.

2.Free DIEP and Muscle-Sparing TRAM Flap Breast Reconstruction .

DIEP flap surgery is the most common type of breast reconstruction (reconstruction using your own tissue). For this procedure, tissue from your abdomen is used to sculpt a new breast.

Your plastic surgeon will make an incision across your lower abdomen, then move a flap of tissue (with blood vessels attached) up to the chest. The surgeon creates a new breast by sculpting this tissue and connecting the flap’s blood vessels to blood vessels in the chest.)

• Benefits of using one's own tissue are a more natural-feeling breast, better breast match if one breast needs removal, and your breasts will age similarly to natural ones.

• Downsides include potential weakened abdomen if muscle is removed, longer surgery time, and risk of health conditions prohibiting surgery altogether.

• Best timing for reconstruction is either at the time of mastectomy or afterwards depending on patient preference.

When is the best time for breast reconstruction ?

The recommended reconstruction, is at the time of mastectomy, unless there are some special circumstances. This allows a lot of the natural breast skin during reconstruction and allows women to get back to their normal life as quickly as possible. Often women at all stages, including women who have had a mastectomy without reconstruction and are now reconsidering their original decision not to have reconstruction.

Additionally, if you have had a mastectomy without reconstruction and radiation, an implant reconstruction may no longer be a good choice for you. Your surgeon will go over all options and help you decide what is best.

Hope that helps your healing journey!

Warmest wishes for good health

The Silikan Team

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