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Blog Log!

Hello Amazing people

Our lives are challengingly, changing, moving forward faster & faster..we are having to adapt

every day to new skills, new technology and new experiences..

We all need a few ideas in our 'toolbox' to reduce life's stresses!

My trick is Self Care

Self care is No.1 on my list..when feeling a little overwhelm...sneaking up from weeks of challenge , and roadblocks!

My sanity saver is riding my bike, with others or alone, yoga, friend chat time, daily meditation &

hugs from my rock of a husband!

I have an Amazing 91 year old Mum, who still lives independently in her own place.

But Mum struggles with modern technology , as many of our mature aged parents do!

Mum creates her Peace and quiet, with a cup of tea & a Nora Roberts Novel, or creates a jigsaw on the kitchen table!

What is your Sanity Saver?

Love to hear what resets your system, and allows you to smooth out the bumps in your days.

Wishing you all the self care you need to recharge your energy batteries


Silikan Blogger

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