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Clear XL Silicone Gel Scar Tape  1.6 in X 120 in Roll

Clear Silicone Gel Scar Extra Long Strip- Silikan Silicon Scar Transparent Repai

SKU : XLClearS



Clear Silicone Gel Scar Extra Long Strip Tape Roll 1.6 x 120 inch




Silikan—Where Comfort, Quality, and Kindness Meet Post-surgery, you feel pained and vulnerable.  However, once you return home, recovery can seem daunting. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. Founded by a registered nurse, Silikan remains by your side, helping you through the mending process by promoting a faster scar healing. Discover your most comfortable path with your Extra Length size Clear Silicone Gel Tape Behind the Results What makes your silicone Clear Tape more beneficial than creams? By covering the affected tissue, your patches retain essential moisture, protect against unwanted organisms and friction, and stop collagen overproduction for more seamless, tonified skin. Packed with Additional Benefits Your Silicone Roll of Tape boast many, life-bettering perks: Easy to use: Stick on your silicone clear scar strips in seconds. Simply remove the backing, cut the Tape for a custom fit, and apply. Painless: Unlike traditional tape that can tear skin when removed, your circles peel off without a trace. Reusable: Wash your silicone tape in warm water and mild soap to reuse them for 2-4 weeks. Water resistant: Wear your gel silicone tape in the shower without worry. Just make sure to stay out of the shower’s direct stream. Comfortable: Hypoallergenic and soft, your scar silicone strips are gentle on all skin types. A smoother surgery recovery is here. Prepare with your own 100% gel sheeting from Silikan


  • Blends Discretely

    Blends Discretely-into all skin tones. Your almost invisible scar tape hugs your skin causing smooth, even, scar appearance to occur over a few weeks.

  • Restore Smooth Scars Fast

    Restore- Mend gracefully & comfortably with SILIKAN Extra long Clear Gel Silicone Tape helps rapid scar recovery healing & reduce scarring by becominga second skin.

  • Soft & Subtle

    Soft & Subtle-Stick on your scar silicon gel tape & forget it’s on your skin. Reducing scar itch, water resistant, thin (0.015”), collagen regulating, moisture maintainingSilicone Scar gel strips.

  • Easy to Use and Reuse

    Easy to use- wash, rinse & dry well your scar area.Cut your tape slightly larger than the scar, remove the backing sheet & stick. Peel off without pain

    thanks to optisil technology. Painless Reposition easily and reuse tape after a gentle soapy wash, rinse & air or blow dry.

  • Founded by a Registered Nurse

    Let us care for you-At Silikan you are our priority.

    Founded by a RN, we tend to your body & mind through high quality surgery recovery supplies that wont Compromise your budget.

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