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Silikan Mastectomy Cushion Pillow on a sleeping woman travelling in a car

Comfort: Mastectomy Post -op Surgery Pillow Cushion-Prevent Seatbelt Discomfort

Experience Unparalleled Comfort with Our Post-Operative Mastectomy Seatbelt Pillow Cushion: Gentle, and Secure


Recovering from surgery is a journey, and we're here to make your ride as comfortable as possible, especially if you've undergone  breast surgery or any other operation from our comprehensive list. Traveling in a car can be challenging due to the discomfort it may cause to your sensitive post-operative areas. That's why we've designed our unique Mastectomy Seatbelt Pillow Cushion - your ultimate travel companion during recovery.

  • Washable Cover!

    Yes you can-remove the cosy centre padding easily, wash the cover, dry and replace your padding.

    Your All Zipper opening 2 cushion pockets, Boast NO velcro openings that catch on your clothes...

    makes it all very soo very easy

  • Post-Surgery Essential

    This Mastectomy Seat Belt Pillow Cushion is a must-have for anyone recovering from bariatric surgery, C-section, heart surgery, double mastectomy, shoulder surgery, tummy tuck, gastric sleeve bypass, lipo, abdominal ,breast reduction, or myomectomy. It's the perfect addition to your Cancer recovery item supplies.

  • Perfect Gift for Women

    Show your support with this thoughtful gift package. Whether she's recovering from Breast Cancer mastectomy, open heart surgery, endometriosis, or preparing for a mommy makeover, this pillow provides much-needed comfort and eases her recovery journey

  • Relief for C-Section Mums

    Recovering from a C-section? Our pillow provides gentle support, reducing the pressure from the seatbelt on your incision site. It's a must-have for new moms on the move.

  • Chemotherapy Port Protection

    Our cushion is a gentle guard for your chemo port, preventing seatbelt chafing and irritation. Drive with confidence knowing your port is protected.

  • Heart Surgery Recovery Companion

    For those recovering from open heart surgery, our pillow serves as a protective barrier between your chest wound and the seatbelt, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable drive home from the hospital.

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